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Depeche Mode - Tribute Dereck Marin Remixes - Mode Control

CD 1

  1. Martyr (Derek Marin Remix)
  2. Enjoy The Silence (Enjoy The Silence In White Rooms)
  3. No Disco (No Disco Dare)
  4. Megamix (The Things You Said-Behind The Wheel)
  5. World In My Eyes (Playgirl In My Eyes) (Derek Marin Mashup)
  6. Useless (My Better Half Electrorock Mix)
  7. Pleasure, Little Treasure (Club Remix)
  8. Minimode (Dereck Marin Mininal Megamix)
  9. Leave In Silence (Derek Marin Club Remix)
  10. In My Time Of Dying (Derek Marin Remix)
  11. Endless (Derek Marin Remix)
  12. Jezebel (We Are The Jezebel Robots)
  13. Monument (Derek Marin Remix)

CD 2

  1. 1 (Edit) Recoil
  2. 2 (Edit) Recoil
  3. Edom Ehceped (Original)
  4. Minimode (Original)
  5. Monument Shout (Uncle Albert Mix)
  6. No Disco (No Disco Boys Say Go Mix)
  7. Peace (Demo Remix)
  8. Running Behind The Wheel (Original)
  9. Pleasure, Little Treasure (Electro Dub)
  10. Leave In Silence (Club Dub Mix)
  11. Shunt (Minimal Remix) Recoil

CD 3

  1. DM Interlude 1 (Original)
  2. Intruders (Long Triphop Remix)
  3. Intruders Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro Remix)
  4. Intruders (Dirty Minimal Edit)
  5. DM Interlude 2 (Original)
  6. Not Supposed To Tell (Original)
  7. Bright Lughts, Dark Room (Original)
  8. Bright Lughts, Dark Room (Osborne Remix)
  9. Bright Lughts, Dark Room (Hahs Bouffmyhre Remix)
  10. Bright Lughts, Dark Room (Sideview Mix)
  11. Megamix (Club Mix)

CD 4

  1. Stone (Edit)
  2. The Sermon (Edit)
  3. Faith Healer (Re-Edit)
  4. Electro Blues For Bukka White (Mini Edit)
  5. Curse (Re-Edit)
  6. 5000 Years (Hard Electro House Remix)
  7. Saw Something (Dub Remix)
  8. Deeper And Deeper (Sl Re-Edit)
  9. Endless (Remix)
  10. Bright Lights, Dark Room (Modest D Remix)

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