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Depeche Mode - The Best Lost Remixes Vol. 8

CD 1

  1. Nothing's Impossible (Korabell'N'Killer the Black Day Mix)
  2. Perfect (Dark Drone Remix)
  3. Enjoy the Silence (2021 RmX)
  4. Just Can't Get Enough (DJ Nilsson Extended Rework)
  5. People are People (French Extended)
  6. Home (5t3v0 Remix)
  7. The Love Thieves (Jdama Remix 2008)
  8. Light (Sunlight Remix)
  9. Something to Do (Black Strobe Mix)
  10. Mercy in You (Remix by DJ van Garderen V2)
  11. Heaven (Kazantip Version)
  12. Leave in Silence (A Tribute Remix in Memoriam Andrew Fletcher)
  13. Dresssed in black (Dressed In House Remix)
  14. Goodnight Lovers (Electro Mix By Technique)

CD 2

  1. World in my eyes (Concept Gold Mix)
  2. It’s called a heart (Ms Divided Heart Mix 2022)
  3. But not tonight (R. Margouleff US. Extended Mix)
  4. The sun and the rainfall (Black Light Odyssey’s Estranged Mix)
  5. Flexible (Dominatrix Remix)
  6. Lie to me (Island Soft Mix 2)
  7. Ghost again (Poly Gore Remix)
  8. So much love (Fdieu So Much Sound Mix)
  9. Newborn (Foster Remix By Kettel)
  10. Dangerous (Aquiver Mix OBS! 2022)
  11. Don’t say you love me (Florish Forest Anolog Synth Remix)
  12. The sun and the moon (S&M Smooth Version)

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