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Depeche Mode - VP DJ DUCK Volume (2) Two

  1. Ghosts Again (New Disco Mix Vocal Orchestra Electro Extended Official RmX)
  2. A Question Of Time (New Disco Town Mix Extended Version)
  3. My Favourite Stranger (New Disco Mix Extended Official Audio)
  4. Master And Servant (New Disco Mix Extended Dance 80's)
  5. Speak To Me (New Disco Mix Extended Edit Version)
  6. Enjoy The Silence (New Disco Mix Multitrack Extended Remix)
  7. A Question Of Lust (Extended Version Minimal Remix 80's)
  8. See You (Disco Mix Extended Version Top Selection Video 80's)
  9. Higher Love (New Disco Mix Extended Vocal Remix)
  10. My Cosmos Is Mine (New Disco Mix Extended Remix Version - VP DJ Duck)

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