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Depeche Mode - VP DJ DUCK Volume (1) One

  1. Everything Counts (New Disco Mix Extended Double Dream Dominatrix Remix)
  2. Perfect (New Disco Mix Electronic Progressive Mixing)
  3. But Not Tonight (New Disco Mix Extended Version D. Remix 80's)
  4. Precious (Disco Mix Extra Electronic Remix)
  5. Walking In My Shoes (New Disco Mix Extended Remix 90's)
  6. A Pain That I'm Used To (New Disco Mix Extended Remix)
  7. Never Let Me Down Again (Disco Mix Extended Version Reassembled 80's)
  8. Ghosts Again (New Disco Mix Extended Official Single)
  9. People Are Good (New Disco Mix Official Audio)
  10. Enjoy The Silence (Disco Mix Extended Version 90's Tribute Machine Remix)

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