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Depeche Mode - Violator from the Future

CD 1

  1. World In My Eyes (AC Remix)
  2. Sweetest Perfection (Fatherless Child Mix)
  3. Personal Jesus (Josh Patrick Remix)
  4. Halo (Hiper SPD Mix)
  5. Waiting For The Night (Daylight Edit)
  6. Enjoy The Silence (DJ Fabiana Remix)
  7. Policy Of Truth (Marcello Castelli Remix)
  8. Blue Dress (Blue Mix)
  9. Clean (Fatherless Child Mix)

CD 2

  1. Dangerous (Silent Pain Mix)
  2. Memphisto (Fatherless Child Mix)
  3. Sibeling (DXL's Innocence Lost Mix)
  4. Kaleid (Mechanized Mix)
  5. Happiest Girl (Pump Up The Beat Mix)
  6. Sea Of Sin (Ship Of Tears Mix)
  7. Enjoy The Silence (Just In Time Likes The 90's Full Length Version)
  8. Enjoy The Silence (Mark Bonk Remix)
  9. World In My Eyes (Dance Front Remix)

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