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Depeche Mode - The Skinflutes Remixes Vol. 4

  1. Puppets (Skinflutes Puppet Master Remix)
  2. Boys Say Go (Skinflutes Iron Youth Remix Radio Version)
  3. Fly On The Windscreen (Skinflutes Demo Mix)
  4. Nodisco (Rise Of The Skinfutes Remix)
  5. Photographic (Skinflutes Rehab Remix)
  6. Shouldn't Have Done That (Skinflutes Proud Remix)
  7. Clean (Skinflutes Slow & Passionate Mix)
  8. New Life (Skinflutes Bleepmaster Remix)
  9. Waiting For The Night (Skinflutes Solphoric Remix)
  10. Enjoy The Silence (Skinflutes Balearic Remix)
  11. John The Revelator (Skinflutes Knocked Down Remix)
  12. John The Revelator (Skinflutes Vocal Remix)
  13. I Want You Now (Skinflutes Decanter Remix)
  14. Lilian (Skinflutes Loaded Vocal Remix)
  15. Lilian (Skinflutes Synthetic Radio Version)
  16. Oberkorn (Skinflutes Piano Version)

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