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Depeche Mode - Re-Construction Time Again

  1. Love In Itself (Fdieu Minimal Remix)
  2. More Than A Party (For Alex ABC Party Mix)
  3. Pipeline (Russian Oil Pipeline Mix)
  4. Everything Counts (One Autumn Night Edit)
  5. Two Minute Warning (Electric Dub Version)
  6. Shame (Extended Construction Mix)
  7. The Landscape Is Changing (Ruler Aim Remix)
  8. Told You So (Miller & Jones Mix - Vocal Construction)
  9. And Then (Extended Mix)
  10. Fools (Exotic Dance Mix)
  11. Work Hard (Maximum Fun Extended Mix)
  12. Told You So (Mod Axiom Mix)
  13. Fools (Josh Molot Mix)
  14. Love In Itself (Ambient Dub Mix)
  15. Love In Itself (David Dieu Remix)
  16. Everything counts (David Dieu Remix)

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