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Depeche Mode - Memento Mori - Alternative Edition

CD 1

  1. My Cosmos Is Mine (Dominatrix Remix)
  2. Wagging Tongue (Extended Remix)
  3. Ghosts Again (Dominatrix Silverwings Remix)
  4. Don´t Say You Love Me (Maverick Remix)
  5. My Favourite Stranger (Extended Version)
  6. Soul With Me (TSF Remix)
  7. Caroline’s Monkey (Extended Version)
  8. Before We Drown (Extended Version)
  9. People Are Good (Extended Version)
  10. Always You (Extended Version)
  11. Never Let Me Go (Extended Version)
  12. Speak To Me (Dominatrix Remix)

CD 2

  1. My Cosmos Is Mine (TSF Mix)
  2. Wagging Tongue (TSF Mix)
  3. Ghosts Again (Extended Mix 2)
  4. Don’t Say You Love Me (Remodel Mix)
  5. My Favourite Stranger (The Skinflutes Oblivion Version)
  6. Caroline’s Monkey (TSF FutureDisco Mix)
  7. Before We Drown (TMT Extended Remix)
  8. People Are Good (Dominatrix Remix)
  9. Always You (Devotee Remix)
  10. Never Let Me Go (Dominatrix Remix)
  11. Speak To Me (Extended Version)
  12. Wagging Tongue (Extended Version)
  13. My Cosmos Is Mine (Memento Mori Extended Mix)
  14. Ghosts Again (TSF Midnight Remix)

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