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Depeche Mode - Depeche Mix - Revolution Chap.2

  1. Cover Me (Dixon Short Remix by JZK)
  2. I Want it All (DJ RAY G Remix)
  3. In Chains (Alan Wilder Remix Short Version)
  4. Insight (Organic Mix)
  5. It’s No Good (Rewired Remix by Dominatrix Short Version)
  6. Lie to Me (Island Some Great Dub Remix)
  7. Martyr (Rearranged Version 2)
  8. Personal Jesus (Dominatrix RMX)
  9. Rush (Waldorff Version)
  10. Should be Higher (MAPS Remix)
  11. Walking in my Shoes (Gromee Remix)
  12. World in my Eyes (Area 51 Remix)
  13. Wrong (Memphis Extended Mix)
  14. Get Right with Me (Zone Depeche Orchestral Remix)
  15. Cover Me (Dixon Original Mix)

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