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Depeche Mode - Black Celebration - Editing The Mode Vol. 5


CD 1

  1. Black Celebration (Kaiser Metro FX Dub Remix)
  2. Fly on the Windscreen (Kaiser Torn Apart Reconstruction Remix)
  3. A Question of Lust (Kaiser N-I Fusion Remix)
  4. Sometimes (Kaiser Alltimes Extended Mix)
  5. It Doesn't Matter Two (Kaiser EMP Edit)
  6. A Question of Time (Kaiser Razor Dust Remix)
  7. Stripped (Kaiser Complex Reconstruction Remix)
  8. Here is the House (Kaiser Synthetic Sound Remix)
  9. World Full of Nothing (Kaiser Extended Nothing Mix)

CD 2

  1. Black Day (Kaiser Prophecy Edit)
  2. Breathing in Fumes (Kaiser Stripping in Fumes Remix)
  3. But Not Tonight (Kaiser Trance in Motion Remix)
  4. Christmas Island (Kaiser Horror Island Remix)
  5. Dressed in Black (Kaiser Extended Waltz Mix)
  6. Flexible (Kaiser Goes to Hollywood Remix)
  7. It's Called a Heart (Kaiser Progressive Emotion Remix)
  8. New Dress (Kaiser Power Diameter Remix)
  9. Shake the Disease (Kaiser Orbital Vocal Remix)

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