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Depeche Mode - Best Sounds of the Universe

CD 1

  1. In Chains (Together Mix)
  2. Hole to Feed (Retro Mix)
  3. Wrong (Anton F. Remix)
  4. Fragile Tension (Obsessive Mix)
  5. Little Soul (Planet Jupiter Version)
  6. In Sympathy (Zone Depeche Remix)
  7. Peace (Acrosss the Universsse Remix)
  8. Come Back (Passion of Love Remix)
  9. Spacewalker (Wrong Mix)
  10. Perfect (Too Warm Mix)
  11. Miles Away/The Truth is (Reaps Remix)
  12. Jezebel (Cosmic Space Remix)
  13. Corrupt (Planet Andora Version)

CD 2

  1. Light (Arhk-Ange Spectral Trance Mix)
  2. The Sun and the Moon and the Stars (Discovery Mix)
  3. Ghost (Acid 7 Mix)
  4. Esque (901 Remix)
  5. Oh Well (Dominatrix Hypnotic Remix)
  6. Peace (Act I Scene II)

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