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Depeche Mode - Best Of 2008 Megamix

BEST OF 2007 MEGAMIX - 61:29

  1. Intro
  2. Behind The Wheel (Sonic Force Remix 2008)
  3. People Are People (David Dieu Remix)
  4. Policy Of Truth (Zone Depeche Remix)
  5. Halo (DTX Electro Extended Mix)
  6. World In My Eyes (Area 51 Remix)
  7. Precious (Roman Rage Remix)
  8. Puppets (Zone Depeche Remix)
  9. Enjoy The Silence (Bingo Melody Remix)
  10. Kingdom (Ralphi Rosario And Jody DB Club Mix)
  11. Personal Jesus (DJ Young feat. Mechanica Progressive Dub)
  12. My Secret Garden (U4 Remix)
  13. I Feel Loved (Re Dupre Remix)
  14. Dream On (David Dieu Extended Remix)
  15. Photographic (Ektom vs Dominatrix Remix 2008)
  16. Outro

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