Depeche Mode - Master Remixes 7

Sounds Of The Universe

  1. In Chains (Minilogue’s Air Edit)
  2. Hole To Feed (Retro Mix)
  3. Wrong (Kernfusion)
  4. Fragile Tension (Zone Depeche Remix)
  5. Little Soul (Plastic World Calling Remix)
  6. In Sympathy (Edit)
  7. Peace (Beyond Mix)
  8. Come Back (Zone Depeche Remix)
  9. Spacewalker (Edit)
  10. Perfect (Evolution Force Mix)
  11. Miles Away/The Truth Is (Twilight Spacetrain Club Radio Mix)
  12. Jezebel (Dub Voice Remix)
  13. Corrupt (Efdemin Edit)

Delta Machine

  1. Angel (WTP Remix)
  2. Broken (Extended Dance Mix)
  3. The Child Inside (just some beats added)
  4. Heaven (Club Mix)
  5. Happens All The Time (Darkness Remix)
  6. My Little Universe (Universe Remix)
  7. All That’s Mine (Finding Himself Rmx)
  8. Alone – (Flash Devotee Remix 2)
  9. Secret To The End (High Voltage Remix)
  10. Angel (I Feel You Remix)
  11. Should be higher ( Dominatrix Remix )
  12. Soothe My Soul (Personal Kernfusion Remix)
  13. Welcome To My World (Peter Frenzen Re-Mix)
2 x CDr
Record Company:
The Satellite Of Hate
Series Volume:
Series Name:
Master Remixes

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